A few hours left to vote; turnout is light; you might be the deciding vote

Polls are open till 8 PM in Ridgewood

Ridgewood residents have till 8 PM, just a few hours, to vote. Please vote for Bernadette Coghlan-Walsh and Thomas M. Riche, who favor practical solutions to the major issues while preserving Ridgewood’s essential character.

Note: While you may vote for two candidates, you are not required to. If you want only one, you can vote for one.

Turnout has been low so far, as described in this Patch.com article: http://ridgewood.patch.com/articles/low-turnout-marks-early-part-of-council-election. Turnout will determine the winner and, ultimately, whether Graydon is allowed to thrive as a natural park.

Please make the effort to vote today. Ensure that all registered voters in your household (think spouse, children, or parents) do the same. Call Ridgewood residents whom you know personally and ask them to do the same. 

The future character of Graydon and Ridgewood hinges on this election. Please vote now. Call others in town (only people you know, please) and remind them. This depends on you.

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