Attorney’s blog: Voters favored preservation

Stuart Lieberman, environmental attorney for The Preserve Graydon Coalition, has written a blog piece celebrating the wisdom of Ridgewood, NJ’s voters in electing preservation-minded candidates Tom Riche and Bernadette (Bernie) Walsh.

An excerpt from Mr. Lieberman’s article:

In a hotly contested municipal election involving four candidates running to fill two Council seats, the winners were the candidates who, among many other things, both publicly supported preserving an important local landmark –the Graydon Pool.

The two successful candidates openly (and we think quite correctly) opposed any effort to transform this natural, important landmark into a concrete pool. (The pool is really beautiful and has served the community for generations.  Many local residents have strong memories attached to this landmark.)

Apparently, this issue meant a great deal to local voters – and in interviews some voters stated that the Graydon issue was an important one in deciding which way to vote.

Our hats go off to these two excellent candidates.  And of  course, to our amazing local community organization and other community organizations that dared to form and be heard.

Read Mr. Lieberman’s blog piece: Ridgewood Voters Choose Preservationist Candidates

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